The technology for processing of sugary raw materials as well as cereals, molasses, potatoes, starch and fruits.

- Small distillery – POT-STILL with capacity 50 -500 lit. (100% ethanol) per day for production of fruit alcohol (whisky, brandy etc.)
- Distillery with capacity 1000 – 100 000 lit. /100% ethanol) per day for production of food alcohol, technical alcohol and absolute alcohol (water-free)

Supply and installation of separate machines for Pot-still or Distillery as well as the columns, burners, dephlegmators, heat-exchangers, fermentation vessels, coolers made of copper or stainless steel material

Supply and installation of Turn-key distillery plants consisting of

    • Fermentation
    • Distillation and refining
    • Alcohol store
    • Dilution and ageing of ethanol
    • Water system
    • Waste water treatment incl. stillage
    • Sulphuric acid store
    • Completion with bottling station