We offer the Metal Forging Machinery and Automatized Turnkey  Forming Lines from our subsidiary manufacturing company ŠMERAL Brno, a.s. who is leading supplier of cross wedge rolling machines for steel and aluminium alloys forming. The range of metal forging machinery as follows:

- Vertical forging presses (with forming force from 10 NM to 65 NM)


- Trimming presses (with forming force from 2000 kN to 8000 kN)


- Toggle stamping presses - series A (with forming force from 4000 kN to 20000 kN)


- Eccentric presses (with forming force from 1600 kN to 2500 kN)


- Hydraulic fitting presses (with forming force 3200 kN; 400 kN)


- Pneumatic-hydraulic Drop hammers (with nominal power 20 kJ; 50 kJ; 80 kJ; 160 kJ)


- Cross wedge rolling machines (rolled material dia 35-80mm; 40-70 mm; 40-100 mm; 50-160 mm)


- Automatized forming lines

  • → Forming lines for hot volume forming
  • → Forming lines for cold sheet forming