Profile B.G.M. export, a.s.

B.G.M. export, a.s. is 100% daughter company of two financial and capital investments companies: B.G.M. Holding Sh. Co. & B.G.M. Capital Sh. Co. with the stock capital of approx. 24,3 Mio EUR. Together with all subsidiary and affiliate companies the whole BGM Group represents approx. 80 Mio EUR of stock capital.

The industrial flagships of BGM Group are Smeral Brno Company, heavy machinery producer with tradition from 1861 or TOS Svitavy established in 1947. For more details please see web pages:

A recent own investment of B.G.M. Group is the turn-key kaolin factory in Dong Hoi in Vietnam (QBBK factory for mining and processing of kaolin and production of coating materials – for more information see: that was ceremonially opened on October 1, 2010. The main production programme of the company QBBK is, apart from mining and processing of kaolin and accompanying raw materials (such as elutriated gravel, sand and aggregate, stone), production of high quality coating materials with trade marking PROTEREX. QBBK intends to offer kaolin mainly to sanitary ceramics producers and the coating materials to civil work construction companies worldwide.

B.G.M. Group enjoys a special partnership with the Czech Export Bank to help to co-finance the feasible projects in third countries where the conditions and selected bank on the customer´s side allow using Buyer´s credits or other credit instruments, especially for private investments.

The B.G.M. export, a.s. has been established to serve with its export activities to the subsidiary and affiliates companies but as well to other industrial producers which do not keep their own exporting activities outside Europe and/or use the exporting channels through foreign trade companies with well established contacts on the markets abroad.

B.G.M. export, a.s., backed with the capital of its mother companies and the whole BGM Group, having engaged the staff with experience of more than 30 years of work on foreign markets especially in Middle East, Far East and Africa, is focusing its export activities mainly to: - East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius). - Middle East (Syria, Egypt) - Far East (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia), where there has been deep knowledge of and close contacts to the local markets.

B.G.M. export’ staff for participated in plenty of projects in Middle East and Africa during last 20 years.

The intent of B.G.M. export, a.s. is going to extend the activities onto foreign market into other industrial branches where there is good background in the Czech partner production companies. This concerns generally the foodstuff industry (besides beverages production as well dairies, slaughter houses and meat processing factories etc.), turn-key workshops, selected wood processing machinery and tannery equipment, packaging glass factories and others.

The Board members are:

  • Mr. Ing. Ladislav Adamec, CSc. – Chairman of Board of Directors
  • Mr. Ing. Martin Adamec – Member of the Board of Directors
  • Mr. Vojtěch Sedláček – Member of the Board of Directors

Legal form of the company: Joint Stock Company

The company is registered in the Commercial Register, maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, section B, File 15987.

Company Identification Number: 290 399 67