Kaolin and other related products produced by QUANG BINH BOHEMIA KAOLIN CO., Ltd., Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Pro., Vietnam

Kaolin QBBKKaolin We are able to offer to you granulated kaolin in stable and guaranteed quality according to your requirements.

Kaolin is non-solidified rock of residual origin and whitish colour, with large content of mineral kaolinite. It originates by kaolinization (weathering) of rocks rich in feldspar or by hydrothermal decomposition of similar rocks. Chemical and technological properties of kaolin from different deposits differ and by that also influence and predetermine the suitability of use of the kaolin concerned for certain branches. Kaolin Dong Hoi is suitable for certain branches as ceramics industry, construction industry, paper industry, pharmacy, production of paints and others).

Kaolin QBBKKaolin sand A part of the production process of drenching of kaolin is the separation of particles of the size 0.04 mm – 0.063 mm that are called “kaolin drenched gravel” that is suitable for the production of cement, dry mortar mixtures, bio-fertilizers, etc.

Sands and aggregates One of the results of drenching kaolin is obtaining aggregate and drenched sand in following fractions: a) 0,0063 mm – 1 mm; b) 1 mm – 4 mm; c) more than 4 mm.

Coating materials The main production programme of the company QBBK is the production of high quality coating materials with trade marking PROTEREX. PROTEREX Standard is interior, fully tropicalized coating material that is characterized by good covering ability, spreading capacity and permeability. Thanks to these properties it is suitable for use in all interiors that are to meet high demands on “de luxe” appearance and cleanliness. It is abrasion resistant and high covering paint for easy applications on plasters in interiors as residential premises, offices, corridors, stores, also paper wall coverings, plasterboards, chipboard etc. PROTEREX Standard is water soluble dispersion paint produced in factory with latest European technology and certificated by Accredited Testing Laboratory, in Czech Republic.

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