B.G.M. export, a.s., backed with the capital of its mother companies and the whole BGM Group, having engaged the staff with experience of more than 30 years of work on foreign markets especially in Middle East, Far East and Africa, has been so far focusing its export activities mainly to:


  • - Bedele Brewery S.C. (equipment and spare parts)
  • - Harar Brewery S.C. (spare parts)
  • - National & Alcohol Factory Ltd. (equipment and spare parts)
  • - Lyiu Addis Liquor Co. (equipment)
  • - Mugher Cement Enterprise (high voltage electric motors)
  • - Metahara Sugar Factory (high voltage electric motor, air blowers)
  • - NALF National Alcohol Liquor Factory (bottling equipment spare parts)
  • - Desta Alcohol Liquors Factory PLC (machinery for liquor bottling, equipment and spare parts)
  • - RAYA Brewery S.C. (complete brewery with capacity 300,000 HL expandable to 600,000 HL per annum on mandatory base)

  • - Top Beverages Ltd. (tea and alcohol botling equipment and spare parts)

  • -  LLC "NGG"(milk drying unit on mandatory base)

  • - AFAMIA Beverages Company LLC (Complete brewery capacity 15,000 HL expandable to 30,000 HL per month on mandatory base)

  • - SUDCCO Co. (accessories for sugar machinery)

We are focusing to extend our activities to following territories:
  • - Egypt, Algeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia